Invite A Friend To Church

Asking a friend to come to join you at church can be as simple as forwarding a link! The Greater Fairview Public Relations & Media Ministry (@fairviewprmm) set out to bring those unable to attend our electrifying services physically, the ability to enjoy them live from a computer, mobile device, or any other capable device. In April, “thefairVIEW” was unveiled on USTREAM. Each Sunday, members and virtual visitors are able to tune in to hear our services across the WORLD! What started with only a viewer here and there has led to over 70 viewers on our most recent service and over 1000 lifetime! Viewers may also participate in live chat with one another while enjoying the service.

So the next time a friend gives you an excuse why they can’t attend, tell them they don’t have to, just “VIEW”!

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Video streaming by Ustream